About Us

About Us

Our beautiful golf course story

An elegant 18 hole, par 71 champions course

Our club has a beautiful par 71 golf course, alongside a driving range, and putting greens. 

We have a beautiful short course which makes it easier for juniors and beginners who just started their golfing journey.

Our Story

Monterez Golf & Country Club adopted the concept of Maya civilisation, renowned as one of the most advanced civilisations the world has ever seen and created a highly sophisticated style of art and architecture.

The essence of these ancient traditions is reflected in Monterez’s architecture, lifestyle and culture. The traditions of an ancient world are rediscovered to create an unforgettable experience in modern leisure living.
A sheer reflection of Maya civilization is revealed significantly in Monterez newsletter, murals, and name of outlets e.g. Mayan, Madera , Montebello , Sunterez, Pedro, etc. The contour of El Castillo (also known as Pyramid of Kukulcan) is reflected in the design of Monterez Clubhouse, archway, corporate logo and landscape.



Monterez Emblem

An official logo was formally adopted by Y. Bhg. Dato' Ling Keak Ming at the 1992. The Monterez emblem consists of three tiers with a pinnacle and the word "Monterez Golf & Country Club" emblazoned in mahogany. What does the icon symbolise?

Mont & Terez

Mont: Denotes mountain, signifies strength and stability which provides a foundation for the advancement of the club;
Terez: Indicates terrace, shows that as time progresses, we spiral forward in unison under the common objectives and goals

3rd Tier

Signifies our prime concern for positive human relations, as it is the pillars for progress. It encompasses a broad area, which fosters respect and understanding of individuals, groups and their relationships.

2nd Tier

This symbolises our concern for healthy environment, which is critical to support and build a healthy society.

1st Tier

Denotes commitment, we are committed towards continuous improvement in various aspects of the club for the benefit of all members and guests.


Symbolises our commitment towards bringing our members' and guests' needs to greater heights. The pinnacle embodies the aspiration of the people in Monterez in their quest to improve their quality of service.


The wood colour reflects the unity, courage and determination of the people in Monterez. Reflective of the resolve of the ancient Maya who lived in their rustic environment, so will the people of Monterez strive in their tireless pursuit to attain and progress in the course of creating a model club.